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OAA Law Corporate governance practice is client and result oriented. We assist clients in all aspects of the formation and governance of business entities. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of governance and compliance. We counsel and represent public and private companies. We advise clients on formation of new entities restructuring of existing entities to include corporate formalities and administrative issues and tax. Our advise to clients include advise on drafting of documents in the formation of Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability companies with regards to government laws under which the entities are to be organized to include OHADA law requirements .Due to the complexity involved in company formation , our corporate attorneys guide clients through the legal intricacies of the legal and tax issues involved in choosing an entity as a vehicle for their business. Our attorneys have advised clients in the formation of companies from startup companies, Limited Liability company’s corporations. In formation of the companies we draft the required documents for the organization, to be filed with the necessary government official or office. Our attorneys also during formation, offer advice to clients on the structuring, negotiating documenting other business arrangements related to new companies.

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