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Energy OAA law has been a leader in Energy Law in Cameroon. We represent clients in every segment of the energy industry. The expertise and experience of our lawyers enables us to provide high level service to our clients in the energy sector. OAA law represents clients in every segment of the energy industry. We provide in-depth know how on how each segment functions as part of the overall chain. We advise and counsel clients on natural resources, the related services and the supply sector. Our lawyers also provide counsel to our energy clients on financing, environmental litigation and any number of related practice areas. OAA law advises electric clients in all aspects of transactions relative to electric power, to include renewable energy, Solar Energy .We also advice on the acquisition and disposition of items related to power plants. We advise in development and financing of electric power plants and all aspects of the value chain from production of electric energy to it supply. We advise on energy supply contracts and long time power sale and purchase contracts.

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