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We render services to business both locally and internationally, where we support their activities and performance of business activities, as well as their rights and rightful interests. We protect the assets of our clients, the preparation and analysis of contracts and contractual relationships. We advise businesses on the legal appraisal of property structure, and the identification of risks.OAA law prepares sample agreements for clients, on general business terms, setting of contractual relations, due diligence on contractual relations. Our lawyers advise creditors during the execution of their rights with banks. We assist bidding companies in compiling and elaborating bidding files, negotiating and drafting the work of service contracts and recovering debts owed by the states. We equally work for governments in drafting the tender’s contracts, a variety of administrative contracts, elaborating and drafting of regulatory acts. In this sector, we intervene as legal counsel to one of the economic operators in Cameroon. We have intervened several times as consultants for ‘Aéroports du Cameroun’ (ADC), the government regulatory agency for Aviation.

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