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Our firm is a licensed « patent and trade mark agent » with the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI/AIPO). We handle filings and prosecution of IP titles from all jurisdictions of the world seeking registration in the OAPI Market. We also conduct litigation in matters of trademark and patent violations including copy right violation. We assist inventors and innovators in Sub-region by helping them draft and lodge patent applications while providing counsel and guidance on how to proceed in cases of international filings. We advise on PCT applications to facilitate virtual asset ownership to young businesses, institutions and isolated researchers at national, regional and international markets. We have assisted in patenting and trade marking of some local revolutionary discoveries in the past decade, through PCT applications, that birth a Therapeutic vaccine for HIV/AIDS called “VANHIVAX” the Hydro-Electric cooking gas bottle and a male condom wearing facilitator called ‘DAP”. These inventors and inventions have become recognized with their brands. Our firm works with passion and excitement to witness the miracle of how, virtual know- how gets transformed from non-conventional ideas and concepts into conventional and useable theories and items to transform people`s lives and the environment every day.

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