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With more than 25 years of practice experience, the most senior and founding Partner of OAALAW offers unmatched expertise in matters of international trade. Having counseled and guided clients from all corners of the world in matters of national, regional and international trade, he offers a unique and rare multicultural savor in the way he combines acquired skills and knowledge to earn client`s total satisfaction. Useful tools legal for optimal performance in the conduct of International trade is available to our clients at one stop. Thus, Contract drafting, negotiation, performance and enforcement in various trade and commerce transactions are tools we provide to companies and industries of all sizes on request. Thus, obtainable at OAALAW we have a long list of businesses and institutions that have benefited and do benefit from our team`s know-how. The cited partner was cofounder of the National Committee of the ICC in Cameroon. He served as the chair of this institution from 2010 -2014.

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