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We are qualified to handle matters in all areas of sports. This includes Gold tennis handball, basketball, Volley ball etc. As sports agent in conformity with FIFA regulations we are able to provide counsel and guidance to clients seeking our assistance.. Thus assist clients in matters of interest before the Cameroon Football Federation. (FECAFOOT) especially in matters of transfers for players of national teams like “the Indomitable Lions”. We litigate in matters of sport nationally and overseas. For many years our senior partner was adviser and counsel to past presidents of FECAFOOT. During this period he represented the Cameroon Football Federation in deals involve international football clubs, and also local teams in player contracts, and engagements with the Federation. He handled litigations issues regarding the Federation in front of the courts of Cameroon. OAA LAW has counseled and advised the Federation in matters regarding fines and penalties based on FIFA regulations and the internal laws that govern the Cameroon Football Federation.

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