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A Tribute to George Floyd

By Barrister Mary Concilia Anchang

Founding President of The African Chamber of Trade & Commerce (ACC) 




          “I can’t breathe“ speaks volumes! This statement comes at a time when the world is ordered to wear masks against a rare disease called “covid19.” Sold into fear and faced with “The modus Operandi” of the slick oppressor, Africans have learnt to mask their challenges while choking under invisible painful ropes tied around their necks for centuries. 

Forcefully masking their pain and sufferings through unbearable, degrading and fatal times. The long standing pain justifies the protests and riots happening around the world as blacks and their sympathizers seek justice, peace and equality for all. Unable to describe how we are unable to breathe, and that, we need some air. The timing of George Floyd’s cold murder in broad daylight, couldn’t have been more divine and appropriate to express the century old chains from which Africans have been suffocating in the diaspora and from which, they seek divorce. 


Often accused for trivial offenses based on allegations,the oppressor takes delight in inflicting extreme pain without mercy on the victims. Focused on covid19 with several eyes glued to the social media, the ugly death of Floyd couldn’t be missed. Whereas, if finding the cure for the mysterious covid19 coincides with pulling off masked chains from which African necks have been chocking,  then, Floyd’s life would have played a strategic role in unveiling the maker’s fateful plan of making Floyd pay the ultimate price to liberate a people burdened with over 4 centuries of illegitimate bondage. Incredible, how people born free become imprisoned by their peers based on race. Ironically Floyd passed on savagely strangulated. While Covid19 patients die because “they can’t breathe “Floyd dies in the heart of the pandemic intentionally strangulated and deprived of air with a man’s knees on his neck, shamelessly squeezing life out of his body, so he can’t breathe free natural air. Yet , his pitiful cries of “ I can’t breathe” leave his oppressors indifferent. What cruelty! Curiously, while money is spent to buy ventilators to facilitate breathing in hospitals, some choose to terminate or take out the life of an unarmed man they think “doesn’t matter” just for the fun of it.. such horror.! What a contradiction?  


But, the commotion that follows death confirms that Floyd’s breathe is priceles. The only meaningful value we must match with this painful loss seems the restoration of the rights of African Americans and black people throught the world. The change in the mindset and perception of the black man as an integral person needs to be institutionally fixed at all levels. It cannot be a slogan anymore. The reality of this must offer measures of accountability. The Creator’s silence in allowing this sacrilege to occur in order to send shock waves in America and the world says it all. This is timely to the pain and ongoing debates derating the African continent as testing ground for the covid19 vaccines. While Africans are still struggling to wake up to this spiteful treatment they take out Floyd’s life and the shame becomes evident on the face of the earth. Floyd ‘s life brings us home to enough is enough. Obviously several pockets of invisible century old  chains are being broken. The African Renaissance  is here to stay. The paradigms must shift with the revival of the African cultural identity ,equal justice ,Education, health, politics, businesses,economic empowerment etc. We must move from pain and stagnation into prosperity of the mind, body and soul. Africans must earn this for themselves. It is not an option.


Summarily, to say Floyd just vetoed on the equal rights and freedoms debate for the human race, will be an understatement. While we thank God and bless your life Floyd, we commend your daughter and wife for this involuntary Supreme sacrifice. We share their pain and sorrow. May they find the solace and courage it takes to deal with this atrocious loss. We hope and pray the tides turn for things never be the same again? May America do what it takes, to clean this mess. ACC claims this as a major turning point and breakthrough in the history of African economies. We continue to uphold Black as beautiful and durable.


Farewell George Floyd! You were here for a purpose. You did well to your fellow Africans. Mission accomplished. Be our angel out there. Extend our greetings to Nelson Mandela, Martin Lurther King, Winnie Mandela, Malcom X, Joseph Anchang Ngongwikuo, UM Nyobe, Patrick Lumumba, Koume Kruma, Robert Mugabe, etc. Tell them it’s not yet over.

Rest In Peace

Barrister Mary Concilia Anchang

The Founding Chair President 

The African Chamber of Trade and Commerce

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